Genuine Rondels are produced one at a time by hand.

The traditional method of manufacturing is blowing glass by mouth. This gives every Rondel a breath of life and brilliance that brings quality and makes every piece a unique work.

My Rondels are characteristically unique to my techniques and artistry. NO two are the same.  My unique melting procedures and decorating techniques insure that there can be no copies and retains my identity.

This creates a bubble. From the opposite side another gaffer punties up, then breaks the gather from the blow pipe. It is now attached to the pontil rod and there is a hole at the broken off end. Depending on the size of the rondel, the gaffer will several times move from the glory hole to the bench, keeping the glass hot and pliable. Slowly with his jacks he opens the hole further and further until the rondel is properly shaped and flat. Go BACK to Rondel Chandelier.