After the tragedy of 911, with the decline of the galleries across the US,  I decided to start custom lighting with art glass.  This proved to be a good move and continued to allow me to do more artistic work and less production.

I moved to Hawaii in the year 2000 and set up shop on the island.  The up and down economy and the following recession has changed our life style, but as artists we move forward.  I am now involved in the local Maui Crafts Guild, and I have a small showroom at my studio to bring clients to discuss their projects either large or small.  The Custom work has allowed me to experiment and work outside the box.  I now incorporate, fusing, slumping, and blowing, as well as the state of the art LED lighting  to enhance all of my current and future projects.  2014  Hawaii onto today 2019

Rick was picked to be on the nationally televised extremely popular TV Program ExtremeMakeover /HomeEdition for not only the season premier #501, above, but also the season finale, below.

Season Finale ExtremeMakeoverHomeEdition, Noah's Ark Baptist Church, Jefferson Parrish, New Orleans, La.